The best animated movies of 2016 – part II


As 2016 has a wide palette of animation movies to watch, I’ve decided that the short list I have created earlier and posted on this blog needed to be extended, so that it truly includes this year’s best animated movies. In my last article, I mainly talked about popular productions that were or will be released this year, but also about some that are interesting from a technical point of view. One amazing quality associated with animated movies is their creativity and the innovative ideas people invest in them. As anybody loves a good story or, at least a daring point of view, I sometimes pick the movies I want to watch based on their main theme and less on the innovative technology used to make them.

The Secret Life of Pets


As I am a big admirer of the Toy Story franchise, when I saw that The Secret Life of Pets was going to be released, I immediately decided that I needed to watch it. I don’t know if the movie follows the same line as Toy Story does, but I know it explores the life of pets once their owners go out for their daily tasks, a similar situation to that in Toy Story. The animation focuses on Max, the main character, a terrier who faces one of the biggest changes in his life when his owner brings home a new dog.

Kubo and the two strings


Kubo and the two strings is another story that appealed to me, not because it seems original, but because of the setting of the story: ancient Japan. The narrative seems relatively simple: a boy needs to fight an ancient spirit that reappears to settle the scores of an old-age vendetta. It seems the traditional tale of the becoming hero, but I am sometimes attracted by simple story lines, so I think I’ll give it a try. In addition, it is speckled with stunning images and many famous actors are involved in this project. Amongst them  Charlize Theron, Ralph Fiennes, Rooney Mara and Matthew McConaughey.

Kung Fu Panda


Another movie that I planned to watch but gave up at the last moment every time is the Kung Fu Panda series. The main idea of the animation is creative and original, but I never managed to get myself in the right mood to go through the adventure. This year, the franchise has released a third movie, a continuation of the adventures of Po the Panda who is facing other supernatural threats. The first movie released in 2008 was nominated for the Oscars, so I should definitely make time to watch it. In addition to that, Po is an intriguing and unconventional character.

Sausage party


Surprisingly, one movie that caught my attention was Sausage party, a story that focuses on a sausage that tries to find meaning of existence. Judging by the theme they picked, the movie can be a wise choice or not so much, but it is worth giving a try, when you want to spend the weekend at home and have nothing else to do.