Fishing with close friends – the best way to relax

5I love to go fishing by myself or with friends and family. There is just something about this sport that calls to me, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my free time than by sitting around waiting for a bite. I should also mention that fishing is by no means a boring sport, trust me when I say there are plenty of moments of excitement and frustration. There is nothing quite like the feeling I get when I feel a tug on my line and just know that there is a monster nibbling at my bait. I love fighting to land my catch, but I must say that I still haven’t gotten used to the feelings of intense frustration when I realize that my fish got away. I have lots of those stories, but I’ll save them for another day.


Feier am See

One of the things I love best about fishing is that I get to relax, and it is even better I’m with my close friends. We all have hectic and busy lives, and often fishing is the only time we have to get together and catch up. A couple of my fishing buddies I’ve known since high school so we always have something to talk about. Plus we all have our own stories about the “one that got away” so we never run out of things to say.


During our fishing trip we get to just be guys. We can get dirty, pluck cold beers out of the river, and the only responsibility that we have is to make sure a fish didn’t steal our bait. There have been times when we’ve had so much fun it didn’t matter that we came home without a single fish. Before you ask, no one believed us when we told them we were participating in a “catch and release” program.


When I’m fishing I always feel closer to nature, and that in itself is relaxing. Just listening to the wind, the water flowing by and the occasional bird or animal can simply make all of my worries melt away. When I am out with my friends I get the same feeling only multiplied. The only thing that I wish is that we could get together more often. After spending a few hours fishing with my friends I almost always come back relaxed, less stressed and ready to tackle the next week at work. I firmly believe that if everyone who complained about always feeling stressed and tired took up fishing with their friends they would soon feel relaxed, and ready to handle almost anything. For me at least it is the best form of stress relieving therapy.


How a fishing trip can go wrong and then right again

Rods do break at times, not in any circumstance but, if you’re careless enough, if you use an old and not precisely strong rod, they do. It happened to me on my last fishing trip with my friends. It was a warm, summer weekend, we woke up in the morning, took our tackle gear and we, four merry fellows, went down to the lake to land some fish. Unfortunately, nature had something else in store for us, particularly for me, as my rod broke after casting it for the first time. I’m not sure what it hit, but, because I was sure there were zero possibilities to break it, I pulled too hard on it and it did.


There was nothing that could happen worse than that. I was so confident in my rod (I used it for years) that I couldn’t believe my eyes (and ears, cause it made a clear cracking noise when I forced the line out of the water). I didn’t even bother taking a spare rod with me, especially because we weren’t far from home and we planned staying there on Saturday and returning on Sunday at noon, to prepare a barbecue with our families.

toon2Fortunately, and that is why you should never go on a fishing trip alone, one of my friends had a spare rod and he lent it to me for the day. It was a shiny, brand new spinning rod. I don’t use spinning gear as much, but I had no choice but to force my hands to readjust to this type of equipment. Until the end of the day, my new rod and I became best friends. I found out that it was a Tica Libra series rod, a lightweight piece of equipment, built with high modulus graphite that, honestly, saved my fishing day. There was really nothing I didn’t like about it. Besides the high-quality shaft material, the reel seat was made out of graphite too, the guide lines and the hook keeper both made with stainless steel and the cork grip was a wonder to hold in your hands. The one I had the occasion to use was a 2 piece, 7 feet long rod, but the series offers models spanning from 7 to 10 feet that vary not only in length, but also in action. This one was a medium action model, excellent for fishing bass, trout or walleye.

Due to this fine product and to good friends, I didn’t go home empty-handed and, though we didn’t catch enough fish to feed all people joining the garden barbecue, we’re lucky that our wives went shopping and supplied us with enough food from the supermarket.

My new trout fishing gear

When I first set about getting my first fly fishing equipment, I had little to no idea about the technique, which proved to be a bad idea as I wasn’t able to select the right products until I did my research on the matter. The greatest challenge of this technique is managing to convince the trout that the fly that you’re using resembles one from its natural diet. Using a set of perfected skills, fishermen have to perform several movements so that the bait looks appealing to the fish. As for the species that can be targeted with the help of this kind of fishing, I’ve had great results with catching both salmon and trout. Depending on the area you plan to organize your future expedition in, you have a high chance of using the same fly fishing skills for targeting species such as pike, chub, zander, carp, and even perch.


The most amazing thing about fly fishing is that you don’t need lots of gear in order to get started. While I had some knowledge about the pastime in general, as my father taught me the basics when I was in middle school, I found it a bit daunting to select the right kind of equipment. The first thing you ought to do is go to your local tackle shop and pick a fly rod and a fly reel. Other essential items you’ll need is some backing line and fly line. The line should be balanced and matched up to your rod, and this is a key factor to keep in mind, particularly since I had to ask the opinion of a consultant to make sure I wouldn’t choose wrongly. If, for instance, you have a rod rated for number 5, you ought to get the same fly line number.

Getting a good pair of sunglasses should be a top priority, which is something I failed to understand at the beginning of my fly fishing journey. The fact of the matter is that a fly is a very sharp object, and when casting it, all sorts of accidents may risk happening. It’s better to be safe than sorry, they say, and I couldn’t agree more. Although my budget wasn’t something to brag about at the time, I decided to pick a good polarized pair of sunglasses mostly because I had a high chance of going blind if I would have been squinting all the time because of the sunlight reflecting into the stream water. A cap is a good thing to wear, as well, because it will protect your head from the sharp fly.


Finally, I picked a box composed of about twelve flies and gradually, I added more until I reached twenty. While the shape and size of the bait vary a lot from one species to the next, you might see that sticking to the basics is a good idea, especially if you don’t have enough experience just yet.