The coolest animated movies of 2016

2016 is a rich year when it comes to wonderful animated movies. If I were to choose a few that I’d really like to see from the many released this year, the following six would be ranking high on my list (not necessarily in this order).

Finding Dory


Well, I am sure kids all over the world (and not only kids) have waited a sequel to the successful and wildly popular animated movie Finding Nemo released in 2003. This time, our fish friend with short term memory loss issues goes down memory lane and remembers her parents. As a result, she and her friends go on a quest to find Dory’s family, a journey in which each one of them will discover new things about themselves and family ties.

Ice Age: collision course

The Ice Age series are one of the most awaited for animated movies whenever one is released. This year, the fifth movie of the franchise is available on the big screen, to the pleasure of the fans. Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the group are saving the world yet again, this time from a meteor strike caused by none other than our old friend Scrat and his acorn obsession.

Loving Vincent


This is probably one of the most daring animated movies to be released this year. This movie recounts the life and death of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh and it is made entirely using oil brush painting. In the project there have been involved more than 100 painters trained in van Gogh’s painting style and every frame of the movie consists of one painting. This is a project I am waiting for impatiently ever since I’ve had a look at the trailer.

Bad Cat

Bad Cat is a Turkish animated movie and, although I haven’t got much experience with their animated style, I do know one thing or two about  the Turkish cinematography and I’m looking forward to seeing if their animations equal their movies. The main hero of the story is Shero, the cat and his gang of friends. They are all leading a life of adventure and amusement until, one day, they meet humans and that messes up their entire existence.



If there’s one thing that I miss about animations, it would certainly be the classic stories: when the heroes overcome all the obstacles ahead of them and, against all odds they manage to fulfill their dreams. Ballerina tells the story of a girl who wants to become a ballerina, but has a long tough trip to make to fulfill her dreams. Her journey starts when she leaves her home in England and flees to Paris. This all happens in 1879.


This movie has gained quite a big popularity already, being well received by both critics and public. It is centered on the animals living in the city of Zootopia, where everybody is happy and everything is well, but, this Arcadian state of things is about to change. I see it as a great movie for kids and adults altogether.